Restart Every Morning

The feeling of coming back from an injury and being healthy can change your motivation and outlook for the better. This is nothing new for elite athletes, where physical functionality, the pursuit of excellence, and the desire to perform at a high level can be the trigger for unexpected successes. They know now, after experiencing the other side of hurts, pains, and loss of strength, how well a knee, shoulder, or wrist works. When practiced properly, your emotional, mental, and physical recovery or restart can be like a gift. The restart is practiced only slow and without stress. The first attempt on skis may look like those of a beginner, controlling the pace, snowplow turns, clear and aware body movements, slowed balanced pure carved turns, pressure/edging awareness, and feeling every snow grain. This is precisely the moment a fit-again skier, after taking care of details and micro-movements and increased awareness, that he/she comes back stronger than before.

There is ongoing evidence at the World Cup and Olympic level.
Athletes returning from injury, who’s technique and balance on their skis are better than before. They are entirely focused, and their winning instincts are still there, despite the break.

The Daily Process Towards Excellence

  • Enjoy the process. Love every aspect of the preparation and competition.
  • Welcome new challenges every day.
  • Set goals and have purpose to make each day your master piece.
  • Focus on process, not outcomes. Process can be controlled.
  • Strengthen and condition body fully and functionally.
  • Properly fuel body. Stay hydrated and eat healthy.
  • Recovery and rest is a vital part of training and performance.
  • Strong work ethic. 
  • Meditate and visualize to help accelerate learning process. Begin by breathing techniques to clear and quiet the mind.
  • Learn to look and learn within.
  • Failures and frustrations are lessons from which to learn and empower.
  • Embrace and accept setbacks – this builds grit and mental toughness.
  • Diligent mental practice to remain focused.
  • Being prepared leads to less concerns and can focus on task with ease.
  • Have the willingness to enter the zone of discomfort to become better. The ability to face adversity, sacrifice & suffering opens you to spiritual growth.
  • Gain knowledge and master skills.
  • Control ego and vast emotional power.
  • Act, not react. Put an end to procrastination. DO IT NOW!
  • Take time to help the team. (Team mates, coaches, parents).
  • Take time to read a good book of wisdom.
  • Attitude of gratitude. Count your blessings rather than entitlement.
  • Be true to your-self.
  • Commit to being a good person.
  • Daily log of date/time, components of workout/competition, mental feelings and physical feelings during workout/competition.
  • Success does come to anyone who is willing to weather the storm. Those who truly desire it and are willing to do all that it takes to achieve the highest performance become champions.