About Marc Girardelli – 5 World Cup Titles and Multiple Medals

“One of the more remarkable skiers I have had the pleasure to work with, is Marc Girardelli. He has been his own coach since 13 years of age. He knows where he is going, he knows the way and he alone takes full responsibility for the hard work. As he knows the importance of “Mind Training” he is in a regular and systematic way practicing autogenic and mental training.”  Lars-Eric Unestahl

Phil Mahre – 3 Over all World Cup titles and Olympic Gold in Slalom

“One can always learn from others. The Champion’s mind holds a wealth of insight, as to how you can become a winner in your everyday life.”

“ The most vital aspect of winning is mental attitude.”

“Visualization was really the key” explaining the reasons for his dramatic improvements from one season to the next.

Ingmar Steinmark  – 86 World Cup Wins and Multiple Medals

“I do not know anything about luck, but the harder I train the luckier I get.”

“To win, I have to get angry. My anger is directed at the course, attacking it and beating it.”

“I m still aiming for my goal in skiing-to make a perfect race.”

My Race Day Commitment

  • Free myself to compete up to capacity.
  • Focus on the sense of possibilities. No Risk – No Gain.

I have influence and own the following:

  • My equipment, ski prep and wax choice are ready for competition.
  • Ensuring proper nutrition/drink – what and when.
  • Properly wake up the body and mind.
  • Be really warmed up and ready when entering into start gate.
  • Have a game plan/task/tactics.
  • Collect and process course information for good tactics.
  • My recovery time is well planned with enough rest.
  • Control emotions by controlled breath and heart rate.
  • Be confident in my preparation for competition.
  • Right attitude, spirituality and effort.
  • Let go of forcing things.
  • Let go of thoughts about outcomes and history.
  • Connect only to doing. Focus on doing the doing
  • Being the being, being all here, being completely present.
  • Task over ego.
  • Be fully connected and become your performance by being inseparable from what you are doing.
  • Ski race for the love of ski racing, free of judgment – pressure, and fear of failure.
  • Be a child and ski with joy, fun, excitement, and passion.

Welcome to CoachKonrad.org

Welcome to CoachKonrad.org
I have had the good fortune to work with ski racing athletes at every level of the sport.  As a coach on the US Ski Team, I trained elite athletes that competed in the Olympics, and the World Cup. I have also enjoyed time with a number of Club Teams working with athletes (U10/U12 to U-21) that have enjoyed success at the Divisional, Regional and National Championships.
Through these experiences, I have learned many life lessons. I am creating this website for athletes, parents, and coaches as a way to share my observations. I look forward to talking with you on the hill.
Create a great day,
Coach Konrad